Things On Demand

About Us

Who are you?

Things On Demand is run by Ryan Frazier, a native of Philadelphia, PA. Taken from my personal Bio:

"I am a techie thru and thru. I have been using, taking apart, fixing, and upgrading computers since I was 5 years old. Everything that connects to a computer; I absolutely love. All the gadgets I have around my house can attest to that!"

"Art and music are two other loves of mine that thru technology I was able to really get creative. I started out buying a HP 44" Z3200ps wide-format printer and made banners, signs and posters using photos, symbols, and different fonts to make some pretty unique prints. I could never draw or paint so I relied heavily on software like Photoshop to get my ideas onto paper."

"A few years later I decided to take the plunge and buy a Makerbot Replicator 2 3d printer. I seriously considered going back to school as 3d design was completely new to me and I wasn't sure if I could learn it on my own like I did with other technology. It definitely had a pretty steep learning curve at first but after tinkering around with hardware upgrades, different firmware and software, and really getting to know the machine, I began to love it."

"After designing and printing several hundred 3d objects, I am ready to unleash a choice few onto the world. I hope you like my items as much as I do!"



What do you Do?

I design posters, banners, and other wide format media prints as well as 3D models using the best means available. After design approval, I print all designs in house on my printers and ship to clients (worldwide in some cases).

Custom work is my bread and butter so please dont hesitate to contact me for any design/printing questions!

You can find my already printed works on ETSY and my 3D printing service on MakeXYZ.